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Tips for Installing Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most crucial components in the kitchen is the cabinetry. It covers a vast area and impacts the room's aesthetics. And it stores all your food and kitchen items, therefore affecting the room's functionality. Here are some tips when planning your cabinetry.

Make it Efficient

When you're planning the cupboards, think about ways to make them more efficient. For example, you could opt for drawers of various depths to store different-sized items. That way, the cabinetry won't have a lot of dead space, which can happen with traditional cupboards with one shelf. You can also install L-shaped corner drawer units, which you can pull out, making the best use of the room corners. Pull-out pantry wire shelving units are also a handy way to efficiently store and conveniently access your stuff.

Add Airiness

If you want the kitchen to appear larger and feel airier, you could install upper cabinets with glass-panelled doors. These designs help as they allow you to see inside the cupboards and thus provide an expansive feel. Solid upper doors form a visual block that can make the room feel enclosed. They can seem to crowd the area. The glass can be clear, frosted or fluted with vertical lines. You can also pick other patterns to add a decorative touch that's consistent with the room's style.

Two Tones

If you want to create a lively effect, why not consider installing two-toned cabinetry? For example, fit white upper cupboards with grey or navy lower ones. A darker colour on the under-counter cupboards will ground the room. You could also use kitchen-island cabinets to add visual interest. You might not want vibrant pink cabinetry throughout the room, but it may be ideal for the kitchen island, adding a flourish to the design. Because the island storage covers a smaller area, it's also easier to change in the future and create a different look if you grow tired of a bold hue.

Make them Sleek

If you want the kitchen to appear sleek and minimal, ask your cabinet makers to fit doors without handles. Install a mechanism so that the doors open with a gentle push. Alternatively, opt for doors with a recessed groove along the top, which is relatively unobtrusive. Without handles, the cabinetry will have a cleaner look. Plus, there will be no protrusions that can get caught on clothes and cause damage. Handleless doors are a perfect way to highlight faux wood or another type of finish.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for cabinet makers near you.