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Two Tips to Follow When Fitting Handrails for Your Home

Here are two tips to follow when fitting handrails in your home.

Consider whether you should opt for a matte or shiny finish

Handrails can be purchased in a range of materials that have glossy or matte finishes, and you must consider which finish would be best for your home. If, for example, you're trying to create a modern look, a shiny stainless-steel handrail or a wooden one with glossy varnish could be the right choice for you, as either of these will work well with a modern aesthetic. However, you should only choose this finish if you have a cleaner or if you yourself are able to stay on top of cleaning, as shiny handrails will show every smudge, handprint and speck of dust.

If you don't want to clean and dust your handrails too often, opt for a matte finish, such as brushed chrome or a wooden rail with matte varnish, as these will not be as reflective, so dust and smudges will not be as easy to spot. Handrails with matte finishes could also be a good option if you rely heavily on your handrails for balance when you're walking on your stairs, as they can provide slightly more grip than their glossier counterparts.

Take your height into consideration

Depending on where you live, you might need to follow certain building regulations regarding the position of the wall-mounted handrails. However, if you have the option to do so, it might be a good idea to take your height into consideration when fitting the handrails.

For example, if you're six feet or over, you might find it helpful to fit the wall-mounted handrails slightly higher on the walls than is standard so that you don't have to lean forward to grip them when walking down the stairs. This is important because if the handrails are not easy for you to quickly grip, you might get into the habit of not using them or you might put yourself off balance by leaning down to reach them. In either case, you might end up taking a tumble.

As such, by placing them in a position that suits your height, you could potentially reduce your chances of having accidents when descending. It is, of course, important to consider the household as a whole when making this decision and to only place the handrails higher up than usual if everyone in your home who will be using them is on the tall side.