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Three Helpful Hints When Using Self Storage Units For Your Gardening Tools

Winter has now arrived, and this colder season means gardeners may now relax as plants enter a state of dormancy and growth slows for the next three months. For those homes with minimal storage space, self-storage units are a great way to protect your gardening tools from the weather. Use these three helpful hints to ensure your gardening tools do not sustain damage whilst stored over winter.

Clean Before Storing

Hidden within the garden soil outside your home are microscopic fungus spores. If you place your dirty garden tools in a self-storage unit for months without cleaning them first, you are likely to find mould and mildew damage when you return to them. Wash all visible dirt from your tools before you store them. Ensure that the washed parts are thoroughly dry, as you do not want rust to attack the metal parts during the storage time.

Rust Protection Spray

As well as making sure your tools are dry, purchase a rust protection spray to apply to the metal parts of your garden tools. While in storage, your tools are exposed to moisture as the temperature within the until changes. Using rust protection spray to metal parts creates a barrier between the moisture droplets and the metal. This barrier stops rust from eating the metal components of your tools. Rust protection spray is available for purchase from garden stores and hardware stores. Alternatively, rent a moisture-controlled self-storage unit to reduce moisture around your gardening equipment.

Do Not Forget The Wood Protection

The metal parts of your garden tools are not the only parts exposed to damage while in storage. Wood handles on gardening equipment also need protection from harm. Once moisture enters the smallest of cracks or crevices in wood, rot begins. Badly rotted timber cannot be repaired and needs replacement. Firstly, check all wooden parts of your gardening equipment. If you find any damage, then replace that part before putting the item into your self-storage unit. Secondly, apply a thin coat of linseed oil to the wooden components of the tools. The oil provides a protective barrier that moisture cannot penetrate. Linseed oil is also available for purchase at garden and hardware stores.

Once winter draws to a close, return to your self-storage unit and retrieve your garden tools ready for your spring garden chore list. Using these helpful hints, you will find your equipment in the same condition as when it went into storage, and that means they are ready to get busy in the garden with you.