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3 Excellent Materials for Modern Outdoor Lounges

As summer approaches, homeowners are reminded that their outdoor patio furniture is a worthy investment. Outdoor lounges have to be able to go up against pounding rain, howling wind or the scorching sun at any time. Notably, different materials give excellent results when implementing outdoor lounges. However, determining the best material for your patio lounge can be a problem since it depends on various factors, such as location and aesthetics. This article highlights some of the best materials for an outdoor sofa.


Regarding outdoor lounges, wood is by far the most popular material among modern homeowners. The all-weather properties of teak wood allow furniture to withstand the harshest environments, especially along the Australian coastline. For instance, the high oil and natural resin content make teak impervious to water and resistant to insect attacks compared to other types of wood. The high oil content also means that teak is not vulnerable to dry rotting, making it a strong and durable outdoor lounge option. Moreover, teak boasts of an unparalleled aesthetic, thanks to its beautiful warm tone. Even if it is not treated, teak wood naturally ages with an elegant grey finish.


Traditionally, concrete has solely been used as a building material. Homeowners never imagined that it would make excellent material for outdoor lounges and sofas. Nonetheless, this is precisely what builders are using to make patios unique, and it has become a popular trend for modern homeowners. The best part is that concrete furniture is generally inexpensive since it can be made part of a larger construction project.  All you need to add are the cushions and covers.

Concrete is strong and durable, and furniture designs are sleek and aesthetically pleasing. However, outdoor concrete must be sealed to reduce porosity and make each piece impervious to water or staining. Moreover, concrete furniture should be covered with upholstered cushions to make them more comfortable and warm, especially during the night.

Synthetic Resin

It is another material that is gaining popularity for implementing modern outdoor furniture. Synthetic resin is known for its low-maintenance, lightweight, and all-weather properties, which make it extremely durable. While the synthetic resin is woven in a wicker style to give the furniture a classic design, you should not confuse it with natural wicker rattan. The latter tends to fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight, making it the wrong choice for patio sofas. In contrast, synthetic resin wicker lounges can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions primarily because they are made from nylon, polyethylene and PVC, which are strong materials.  

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