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Why Opt For a Balustrade For Your Home?

Balustrades can be made from a variety of materials. Some are little more than wooden fence panels while other materials, like aluminium, are often preferred in coastal environments because of the corrosion-resistance they offer. However, glass and stainless steel are among the very best materials you could choose. They look ideal in residential settings where you might want a barrier to prevent you from falling from a height, such as a balcony or a raised terrace. What is it about glass and stainless steel balustrades that make them such a good choice in residential settings?


If you have a glass and stainless steel balustrade installed, then you can expect it to last a very long time indeed. It is worth bearing in mind that toughened glass is a very well-established material these days. A section of balustrade made from it will last a lifetime — or even longer, in many cases. Equally, the grades of stainless steel you can choose for the balustrade's mountings will cope with any environment, even if there is lots of sand or sea spray blowing about to contend with.

Safe and Reliable

A balustrade that is constructed from glass and stainless steel will be very tough. Indeed, many are much stronger and more durable than the materials they are attached to. This has to be the case because balustrades need to be able to withstand knocks and blows that might occur every day. Of course, being able to see through glass and stainless steel balustrades also means you can keep an eye on what is going on reliably, too. Some people find that this makes them feel safe since they can watch children playing in the garden more easily, for example.

Wind Protection

Although railings do a similar job to balustrades, they do not create a windbreak as solid balustrades do. When you have toughened glass panels set out at regularly spaced intervals in between stainless steel supports, very little wind can get by. They do not flap around when the wind picks up, either. This means you can enjoy a small micro-climate behind them, ideal for spots where you might want to sunbathe, for instance.

A Stylish Look

Perhaps the number one reason why people like glass and steel balustrades for their home isn't connected to their practicality at all. They are much-admired architectural features. Indeed, because they require very little by way of maintenance, they'll continue to look stylish for years to come, too.

For more information, contact a contractor that can install glass and stainless steel balustrades.