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Future-Proofing the Bathroom of Your High-End Home: Features to Consider During Renovation

If you own a luxurious home, it should be completed with luxurious designs. Open floor plans, stylish kitchens and expansive bedrooms form the backbone of many high-end homes. However, the bathroom space often falls behind in embracing an elegant touch within such properties.

If your home has a modern design but the bathroom is still from the early 90s, you may be looking for ways of breathing life into this space. Indeed, people spend so much time in their bathrooms and yet struggle with old fixtures, damaged flooring, leaking toilets and clogged showers.

Here are several ways you can future-proof the bathroom of your high-end home and enjoy comfort for years to come.

Smart piping

Wouldn't it be nice to receive real-time information regarding the flow of water, potential blockages and drainage efficiency? Such information could be used to schedule plumbing maintenance in advance and essentially eliminate emergencies such as blocked pipes and overflowing toilets. In 2020, this goal is possible.

Smart pipes come equipped with sensors that detect relevant variables and communicate them to you or your plumbing service. In this way, maintenance is easier, and you can even save money in the process. A bathroom renovation is a perfect time to install smart pipes and make the space futuristic in its appearance and function.  

Higher-capacity toilets

Those undersized toilet bowls and slow-draining pipes should be a thing of the past in your high-end home. High end means comfort, and you should embrace this by installing a modern toilet. Such toilets feature larger bowls that are more comfortable to sit on, better flushing mechanisms to remove waste faster and even touchless technology that can reduce germs in the home.  

Spa showers

Showers have come a long way over the years. Nowadays, showers are more spacious, and the screens surrounding them are frameless. But you can take this design a step further by installing a spa shower. This design incorporates spa features such as benches, steaming water and high-pressure showers into your bathroom space. In this way, your bathing sessions will feel rejuvenating, relaxing and sanitary. A matching bathtub design will complete this elegant touch and modernise your old bathroom.

Natural lighting (and bulbs)

Lighting is obviously important in any bathroom. But for high-end homes, natural lighting is the proper touch. You can either install large windows on the upper walls or use natural light bulbs that emulate light from the sun. Natural light is peaceful, calming and welcoming—regardless of the time of day.

Contact a renovation contractor to learn more about your options for bathroom renovations.