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The Benefits of Heating Your Home From Below

Although the majority of Australian homes are still heated by traditional methods involving wall-mounted radiators and copper piping, this is by no means the only sort of central heating system you can opt for. In fact, new Australian homes are increasingly being kitted out with in-floor heating systems when they are built. In addition to being available for new builds, underfloor heating is suitable for extensions and even for being retrofitted into current residences. What are the main benefits of heating your home underfoot?

  • Lower Energy Bills

To begin with, floor heating is an efficient way of warming up your home. When you turn on the boiler of your central heating system, part of the energy it generates is lost through your home's walls since this is where your radiators are usually fitted. What's more, the pipes that connect your radiators to the central boiler all lose heat energy, sometimes in places where you would prefer them not to. On the other hand, underfloor heating is positioned exactly where you want it, causing heat to rise from below. Since heat rises, this is a much more efficient place to put your heat source than in the walls.

  • Ease of Maintenance

Once it has been installed, floor heating is incredibly cheap to maintain. Unlike a hot water system which needs to be inspected from time to time, underfloor central heating systems require very little by way of ongoing maintenance. You do not even need to do regular jobs like lagging your radiators in order to keep the system functioning perfectly well for years on end. Although warranty periods vary, you can obtain some floor heating systems which will last a long time.

  • The Feel of an Underfloor Glow

Although in-floor heating will help to lower your utility bills and provide you with years of warmth, one of the underrated aspects of it is that it feels so pleasant. When you heat your home from beneath, you obtain a warm sensation every step you take. This is especially noticeable first thing in the morning when you get up and step onto your floor only to feel the warmth emanating from it. In other words, heating your house from an underfloor system is very much part of a lifestyle change, and those who try it tend to think that it makes a great deal of difference to their lives.

For more information, contact a contractor that works with in-floor heating.