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How to Make an Interstate Move Easier on Everyone

Moving to a new home is almost always stressful, but the entire process can get even more difficult the further away you're moving! A long-distance or interstate move may require more planning on your part, as you can't just quickly drive back to your first home if you accidentally leave something behind. You might even need to make arrangements for overnight accommodations on moving day, depending on the length of your drive. To make a long-distance or interstate move easier on everyone in the family, note a few simple but important tips to keep in mind during your interstate removal.

Pack well ahead of time

Leaving your packing to the last minute is never a good idea for any move, but packing your items well ahead of time is even more important during a long-distance move, as this means less risk of leaving something behind. It can even be good to pack up certain spaces in the home and then leave the doors and drawers open in these areas once they're emptied. For example, you might pack canned goods from one kitchen cabinet and then leave that cabinet door open. Seeing open doors or drawers tells you at a glance which parts of your home are already packed and which still need to be boxed up before moving day arrives. 

Use overnight bags

Have an overnight bag available for everyone in the house, and pack these with the toiletries and clothes you'll need for moving day and the day after. If you need to stay at a hotel during your move, you'll then have everything needed for your overnight stay on hand and won't need to rifle through packed boxes for shampoo, toothpaste and the like. 

This can also be a good idea even if you don't need to stay in a hotel during your move; having items needed for the night and the next day can make the day easier on everyone, as no doubt you'll be very tired after a long drive or flight to your new home. Your personal care items and clothes will then be ready for you, so you don't need to rush through unpacking items once you settle into your new place. 

Choose the right removalist company

A removalist can help with any move, but it's especially recommended that you hire a removalist company for an interstate or long-distance move. These professionals can ensure your items are properly packed and protected for that long drive and that they're secured overnight if needed. This can alleviate some of your stress and make the move easier on everyone!