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How Shade Sails Can Make Your School More Environmentally Friendly

Shade sails are an effective and attractive way to keep your students cool at school, but that's not all they're good for. You may be surprised to learn that shade sails can also make your school more environmentally-friendly. Here's how.

They Cool Classrooms Without Energy

The main reason schools use shade sails is to keep students cool when they're outside playing and chatting. However, they're good for more than just cooling the outdoors. If you have them strategically placed, they can also keep the classrooms facing your grounds cool as well. When angled towards the windows, the shades will create a barrier between the sun and your classrooms, reducing the amount of heat that gets inside. The best part of this is that shade sails don't consume any energy. They'll also reduce how often you need to use electricity-guzzling air conditioners, making your school more eco-friendly.

They Keep Gardens Moist

Do you have any decorative flower gardens on your school grounds?  Do you have a vegetable garden that you use to enhance science education? Whatever the vegetation you have living at your school, you likely use a lot of water to keep the plants healthy and thriving. Of course, a high level of water consumption is bad for the environment. On a nationwide scale, it empties aquifers quicker than they can be replenished, and it reduces the amount of water available for agriculture and other essentials. You can avoid playing a part in high water usage by using shade sails to keep your gardens moist. A shade sail will reduce the rate water evaporates at, meaning you won't have to water as much. Many people worry that shading a garden will kill their plants, but when placed strategically, shades actually protect plants from the harsh Australian sun while still allowing plants to access sunlight throughout the day.

They Use Recyclable Materials

Another great thing about shade sales is that they use recyclable materials. If you choose the right company, you may find that your shade sails are already made from recycled materials. This also means that when if parts of your sails or shade structure ever need replacing, they can be recycled too. Plastic-based sails, for example, can be used to make plastic bottles, plastic furnishings and much more. Recycling is a great way to be more 'green' because it drastically reduces the amount of resources used in the manufacturing industry, keeping carbon footprints low and sustaining the environment.