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4 Smart Storage Ideas for Small Bedrooms

There are no shortage of bedroom storage options, but what if your bedroom doesn't have space for chests of drawers, bookcases and freestanding tables? Small bedrooms can quickly become cluttered, and it can be frustrating trying to make the space functional and aesthetically pleasing, but there are ways to make use of dead space and keep those essential items stored out of the way. Here are four smart storage ideas for bedrooms that lack space:

Utilise High Wall Space

The 30-60 centimetres of wall space just below your ceiling is just sitting there waiting to be utilised. Install shelving around the perimeter of the room and use it to store items you don't use every day, such as books, photo albums and electronics. Wide shelving could be used to house storage boxes containing bedding or off season clothing.

Invest in a Headboard With Storage

Headboards don't take up much space, and if you're someone who couldn't imagine sleeping in a bed that doesn't have a headboard, get the most out of your headboard by choosing one with slide out storage. Slimline shelves hidden within the headboard can be used to store mementos, cosmetics and jewellery.

Opt for a Radiator Cover With Shelving

You may think there's nothing you can do about the space your bedroom radiator takes up, but you can still squeeze in some storage space by installing a radiator cover with shelving. Radiator covers don't prevent heat being circulated around the room, so there's no loss in functionality. Opt for a model with attached shelving and store items that won't be damaged by heat, such as books or ornaments.

Raise the Height of Your Bed

It might be a feng shui no-no, but the space under your bed shouldn't be ignored when you're trying to make the most of a small bedroom. Storage boxes or an under bed drawer can be used to store clothes, bedding, bags and shoes. You can increase the space under your bed by raising the height of your bed with bed risers, which are wooden cubes you simply place under your bed legs. Risers come in different heights and colours, and you can hide them and the items stored under your bed by using a valance, which is an elasticated length of material that fits around the base of your bed.   

These are just a few ways you can maximise the storage space in a small bedroom without compromising on aesthetics. When looking for creative ways to increase storage in your bedroom, consider the overall style of your room and look for solutions that blend in with rather than contrast with your existing décor.