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Benefits of a Mini Split System Air Conditioner in a Tiny Home

As you look over tiny home plans to find the one that is right for you, you may notice there is no air conditioning system. This is due partly to size of the tiny home and partly to mobility. Box or window fans can take up too much room. Window units may not be suitable for your traveling intentions with your tiny home. An option to consider are mini split systems. Here are some of the mini split systems' benefits, especially for tiny homes.

Placement Benefits

Mini split systems are small enough to be placed virtually anywhere in a tiny home. You do not need a specific tiny home blueprint to incorporate the mini split system effectively. One spot that is often used for mini split systems is just under the loft area. This allows the system to cool the full area of the tiny home without possibly being blocked by furniture or having wall space get in the way and cause uneven air flow.

Energy Loss Benefits

Mini split systems are ductless systems. Ducted systems may have energy loss due to poor sealing, possible issues in the duct work, or even blocks in the duct work. A ductless system doesn't have this issue. Since there is no ductwork, seals, or blockages to worry about, the air flows easily into and through the room. This means the mini split system will benefit you with maintaining the temperature in the tiny home without high energy costs or solar power use.

Security Benefits

If you use a window unit or box fan for air conditioning, they leave a window vulnerable in your tiny home. Though this is a security issue in traditional size homes, it can be even worse in a tiny home. This is due to the confined space of the tiny home. If someone can easily get into an open window by moving a window unit or box fan, then they can get to you and your items easily. Mini split systems are confined within the tiny home and do not require a window to be open or kept in an unsecure state.

These are just three of the benefits to using mini split systems as an option in your tiny home. If you are ready to purchase and have a mini split system installed, contact your local HVAC dealer. They can help you with pricing, questions, and installation. They can also help you determine the ideal spot for placement of your mini split system.