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4 Essential Elements For A Hamptons-Style Kitchen Refurbishment

After many years of sleek, streamlined and ultra-modern kitchen design, warmer, more traditional styles are making a big comeback. One of the most popular trends in this style is a Hamptons-style look. Hamptons style has its origins in the beachside escape of the Hamptons in New York State.

This look is the perfect mix of contemporary and classic style and simply oozes understated class and elegance. It's a great choice for Australian homes, whether you live in a beachside suburb or not. If you like the look of Hamptons-style kitchens, then here are four elements that are essential to successfully recreate the look.

1. A light colour scheme

One of the key elements of the Hamptons style is creating a light and bright space that feels soft, inviting and fresh. Stick to a predominantly white colour scheme that includes some very pale pastels or soft natural hues such as green and sand. This will help to maximise the natural light and makes a lovely backdrop for a careful selection of more brightly coloured accessories.

2. Classic timber cabinetry

Cabinetry is one of the most prominent features in a kitchen, and getting it right can make or break a Hamptons-style kitchen. Opt for painted timber doors in a Shaker style, which is characterised by functionality, durability and simple profiles. Doors with bevelled frames and handles that are elegant but not overly ornate will help you to get the right look.

3. Classic tile splashbacks

Splashbacks now come in a wide array of different materials, but for a Hamptons-style kitchen, a classic tile splashback is the only option. This doesn't mean that you can't have some fun with your tile choice, though. Stylish glazed white tiles can be used in a subway pattern, a classic grid or the highly fashionable herringbone pattern.

4. A stone benchtop

Nothing says old-fashioned elegance like a stone benchtop, and this makes it a core feature in a Hamptons-style kitchen. Marble is often considered the stone of choice, but other stone varieties such as limestone, quartz and pale granite will also look the part. If your budget doesn't extend to a solid stone benchtop, then an engineered or composite stone benchtop can still recreate an authentic and stylish look.

When planning a Hamptons-style kitchen, it's a good idea to work with a kitchen contractor who has experience with this look. They can help you to fine-tune your ideas and ensure that your new Hamptons-style kitchen looks incredible.