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Deciding on the Household Items You Can Put In Storage

Getting a self-storage unit is a good choice for anyone who has far too many items in the home and whose space always feels cluttered and busy. However, deciding on what you can put in storage can be a challenge, so note a few tips you might consider for your home.


Ask yourself how often you use certain small appliances, extra sets of dishes, and even liquors and mixers that you keep in the kitchen. If the answer is just every few weeks, or even less often throughout the year, put those items into storage! If you only use a crock pot, meat grinder or second set of dishes, when the family comes around for an occasional Sunday dinner, those items can be stored away in a self-storage unit. The same is true of liquors, wine glasses, and other such specialty items that you might only use for a special occasion or party. It's much easier to stop by a storage facility once per month to retrieve a tub or tote of those items than it is to find a place for them in the kitchen every day.


Many people shop in bulk, so they can stock up on shampoo, soap, bathroom tissue, and the like. While this can save you money, it can also mean struggling to find adequate storage at home! To avoid a cramped and crowded bathroom, fill up separate tubs with the soap, shampoo, and other items you need in a week, and put these in a self-storage unit. Then, every week you can make one trip to that unit and pick up a new tub of those items. This reduces the space you need at home, while still allowing you to shop in bulk and save money!


Tools can take up quite a bit of space in the garage, but not all the tools you own should necessarily be kept at your fingertips. Separate the tools you use for occasional jobs around the house, such as plumbing or car repairs, versus tools you might use more often, such as screwdrivers. Put the "occasional use" tools into tubs according to types or according to certain maintenance jobs. For example, you might have a tub labelled "wrenches," or a tub labelled, "car brakes." You can then visit the self-storage unit when you're planning a home improvement or other repair job and easily access just the tools you need without having to keep all those tools in the garage.