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4 Reasons to Make Your Venetian Blinds Aluminium

Venetian blinds can be adjusted at will to let in varying amounts of light, and they come in a wide range of materials. The only problem is choosing the right material to suit your own needs and wants. People often skip over aluminium, assuming aluminium blinds belong in offices and other commercial properties rather than homes. However, aluminium venetians actually come with a whole host of compelling advantages, and here are just four.

1. Assortment of Styles

Most people picture dull grey or white blinds when they think about aluminium venetians, but that's only because they are associated with commercial buildings. Aluminium blinds are actually available in a wide selection of colours and textures. You can suit anything from a contemporary style by looking for black to a more vibrant colour scheme by using bright red or gold. You can also choose between glossy, matt, and textured finishes.

2. Low Cost

It's always nice to stick to budget, and you'll find doing so easy when you opt for aluminium venetian blinds. Aluminium is easy to manufacture. It's one of the most popular materials on the planet, readily available and light enough to ship without much expense. All this means that the price of aluminium blinds tends to be very low. If you want vibrant and long-lasting blinds that won't cost the Earth, aluminium is your best bet.

3. Lightweight

One of the reasons why aluminium is so prized across multiple industries is that it is very lightweight. Adding a small amount of other metals makes it as strong as steel, and yet using it instead of steel can help drop the weight of an item considerably. Of course, you probably don't think about fitting venetian blinds made from steel, but aluminium is still one of the lightest options since blinds can be made so much thinner than those made using wood or vinyl. That makes them easier to adjust and less likely to cause damage to the supporting wall.

4. Reflective

Aluminium venetian blinds reflect light far more effectively than blinds made from wood, fabric, vinyl, and just about any other option. Why is that an advantage? Because it helps save money on your monthly bills. Close them during the summer and they'll reflect light away, keeping your rooms cool and lowering your cooling costs. When it's cold outside, they reflect the heat inside your home back in, so your heating bill won't be too bad even in the middle of winter.