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Accessorising a Kitchen That Has Been Newly Renovated

Kitchen remodels are one of the more common renovations homeowners will carry out in their residence. You set out to replace your countertops, paint the walls, change your sinks and hope that you now have an attractive and highly functional space. However, it is not uncommon for some people to find that their newly remodelled kitchen now seems strange and unfamiliar to them. This feeling typically stems from the lack of character in the new kitchen. If you are looking to make your kitchen remodel appear lived-in, here are some accessorising tips that you could use.

Put up artwork

Works of art are rarely associated with the kitchen, as this is often thought of as a utilitarian space. Nonetheless, artwork can go a long way in boosting the appeal of the kitchen while giving it its one innate style. When selecting artwork for the walls, make sure that you have a theme in mind. For instance, if blue accents are part of your kitchen, you may consider artwork such as seascapes or skylines would tie in wonderfully with the overall aesthetic. On the other hand, if you would like to make your kitchen appear more intriguing, do not be shy about hanging up personal portraits that would lend a story to the room.

Integrate splashes of colour

When a majority of homeowners hears the phrase "splash of colour", they automatically assume this either means choosing a bold colour for their wall paint or having a focal wall in the kitchen. The reality is injecting some colour into your kitchen does not have to involve your paint options one bit. Instead, you could include bright colours in the space through different items that are already going to be in use in the kitchen. For example, instead of regular timber barstools, opt for different coloured stools that would add some vitality to the space. Other colourful items you could include are bright rugs, bold curtains, audacious pots and more. You will find that these colours not only brighten up the space, but also give it a sense of dimension.

Utilise potted plants

One thing to note about greenery is that they tend to bring any room to life. Unsurprisingly, succulents have become on trend as decorative accessories in living rooms, bedrooms and more. These plants would also make a great addition to your kitchen, as they will transform your new remodel to appear more homely. Moreover, potted plants can also be functional if you chose to grow herbs that you can make use of in your cooking!