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Cleaning Jobs to Have Done When Putting a House Up for Sale

When you're ready to put your home up for sale, you need to consider how it actually looks, as potential buyers may walk away from a home that's in very good condition structurally, but which just doesn't have a nice appearance. This doesn't necessarily mean repainting the walls or replacing the windows, as some simple cleaning jobs can be all that's needed to make your home look nearly new; note a few of those cleaning jobs you'll want to have done before even meeting with a real estate agent. 

Hose off the roof

Many home sellers neglect the overall condition and appearance of the home's roof, but if your home's roof is covered in tree branches, leaves, twigs and other debris, it may look old and worn even if it's in great shape. Consider having a professional power wash the roof so you don't risk your safety, and of course you'll want to wash the roof before you wash the exterior walls of the home!

Wash the windows

Dirty, dingy windows will block sunlight from coming into the home and will easily detract from the home's overall appearance. Sparkling clean windows will make the home's interior look brighter and more welcoming, and can even make the windows themselves look updated and new.

Clean the appliances

If the appliances will stay with the home when it's sold, buyers may open up their doors and check inside, to note their interior size and condition. A dirty oven and refrigerator can be a huge turnoff to those potential buyers, as will a dishwasher with hard water stains or a musty smell. Clean these pieces inside and out, and be sure the dishwasher is empty and you've removed old and expired food from the fridge before potential buyers arrive for a home showing.

Clean the flooring

Even if your home's carpeting and tile are sufficiently cleaned for you, this doesn't mean they're ready to be seen by potential buyers! Having the carpets cleaned and the tile in the home scrubbed can make those surfaces look brand new, and help restore the colour and nap of the carpeting as well. A deodorizing treatment can also remove odours from the carpeting that you may have become accustomed to, but which buyers may notice as soon as they walk into the home. Even if you only opt for a light steam cleaning of the carpet and tile, this can greatly improve your home's appearance and ensure it appeals to a number of potential homebuyers.