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The Advantages of Shade Sails Over Other Shade Options at Home

If you need to add some shade to your outdoor patio or deck area, you have several options, including residential shade sails, retractable awnings and gazebos. While these can offer their own advantages, shade sails are a favourite choice for many homeowners, and even for business owners with an outdoor eating or lounging area. Before you shop your options for adding some much-needed shade to your outdoor space, note a few advantages of shade sails versus other structures.

Environmentally friendly

While structures like gazebos can be made with recycled wood, this can be very difficult, and at least some new wood often needs to be harvested for these structures. Very few awning manufacturers may use recycled metal for their pieces, for the same reason; it can be much easier to simply use new materials that require less fabrication. Shade sails are easier to create with recycled fabric, so to reduce the environmental impact of your home choices, opt for a recycled shade sail and avoid wood and metal shade options.

Ventilation and elements

A large awning or gazebo may cut off fresh air and cool breezes you need during summertime, whereas the dips and curves of a shade sail and the ability to pull the edges down or up as needed, can mean more fresh air in your backyard and a more comfortable space overall. This flexibility also means more protection from the elements, including a light rain. A gazebo may cut down on the sunlight you get on your back deck or patio, but rain can still easily come through the slats of the roof and the walls of the structure. Since an awning cannot be angled along the sides, it can also let in rain that comes from the sides of the deck or patio. However, being able to adjust the shade sails can mean protection from a light rain, so you can still enjoy your outdoor space even when the weather is not optimal.

Easier removal

If you ever decide to sell your home, you can typically remove shade sails more easily than an awning or gazebo, and then take those sails with you to your new home. This also makes it easier to present your property to a wide range of buyers, including those who may not want the sails in the backyard for whatever reason. Since shade sails are easier to remove than other structures, they won't detract from a potential home sale, as an oversized and cumbersome awning or gazebo might.