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3 Exotic Outdoor Living Area Looks That You Can Create With Teak Furniture

Teak is a popular choice for outdoor timber furniture. The dense, solid and durable wood is fortified with a high natural oil content, which allows it to be exposed to the elements and still look great and function perfectly. Modern teak furniture comes in a variety of different styles, and it can be used to create several different looks for your outdoor living area. Here are three design ideas using teak furniture that you might like to consider for your home.

1. Balinese style

Australians have had a long and enduring love affair with the Indonesian holiday island of Bali. The relaxed and tropical environment, the friendly locals and the close proximity to Australia make it a destination that people keep returning to. If you're an avid Bali holiday-maker, then a beautiful Balinese-style outdoor area might be the perfect idea.

Teak is a great choice for this style because the intricately carved and ornate furniture that's so common in Bali is frequently replicated by Australian manufacturers. A stunning teak daybed or dining setting with a dark stain, coupled with some vibrant Balinese fabrics, will help you to recreate the exotic feel of a beachside villa in Bali.

2. Scandinavian Boho style

Scandinavian Boho is a relatively new design trend but it's already a popular one. This style combines the simple, neutral elegance of Scandinavian design with a pared-back version of the eclectic, colourful Boho look. When combined, they create a look that's classic, sophisticated and welcoming.

Teak furniture makes a surprisingly good addition to a Scandinavian Boho–themed outdoor area. If left unstained or varnished, teak naturally weathers to a smooth and shiny grey, which meets the credentials for the natural, pale and simple Scandinavian element. Team it with some unique and quirky decorative items, such as vases, bowls and cushion covers to add the Boho element.

3. French Riviera style

For a cultured, refined and romantic look, a French Riviera style is a fantastic option. It's a great way to create a timelessly classy and effortlessly chic outdoor area that is reminiscent of lazy summers spent by the Mediterranean in Cannes or St. Tropez.

Teak furniture items such as sun loungers, deck chairs and expansive dining tables are ideal choices for this style. The weathered look that teak takes on helps with the shabby-chic aesthetic and can be mixed with cerulean blue striped fabrics to add the finishing touches to your decor.