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How Motorized Blinds Will Enhance Your Home's Indoor-Outdoor Living

Indoor-outdoor living is an architectural design element that most Australians strive toward as it enables you to enjoy al fresco living whenever the weather is favourable. Nevertheless, considering how high the temperatures can get during the summer, you would need to find a way of keeping both your interior as well as exterior space cool. Regular blinds have been the traditional solution for this, but they are steadily being surpassed in popularity by motorised blinds. The motorised blinds are typically operated by a push of a button or via remote control. If you are looking for exterior window furnishings for your patio or verandah, here are the benefits of investing in motorised blinds.

Motorized blinds are highly convenient

If you have large windows, you know how tedious it is to manually open and close your window furnishings several times in the day. Since you cannot do without bay or French windows with an indoor-outdoor living space, it can be quite tiring always having to adjust your blinds. Motorized blinds offer you a convenient solution, as you do not have to exert yourself when operating them. Whether it is privacy you need or want to keep the harsh glare of the sun out, you can close your blinds with minimal effort.

Motorised blinds have a long shelf life

What you may not realise about manual blinds is that they are prone to damage much faster than their motorised counterparts are. With manual operation, there is the high susceptibility of tugging, grappling and general physical manipulation that can cause your blinds to sag or break. When you eliminate the cords required to open and close these blinds, fewer moveable parts will pose the risk of premature damages. Thus, your motorised blinds are likely to have a longer lifespan than their manual counterparts do.

Motorised blinds are child and pet proof

If you have kids or pets, then it would be in your best interests to invest in motorised blinds. Kids and pets alike are quite inquisitive. Left unmonitored, they can wreak immense havoc on your manual blinds by trying to climb on them, tug and at the strings and more. As a result, you would have to engage in regular repairs due to tampering. Rather than having to contend with this, you should install motorised blinds. Not only can you install the operating switch high up so that the kids and pets cannot access it, but you can also program your blinds to open and close via a timer.

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