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Simple Details to Remember When Choosing Shower Screens for Your Home

A shower screen can be a good choice no matter the overall decor and style of your home's bathroom, as glass screens can work with modern or traditional looks and every style in between. Shower screens fit a very small space better than a billowy curtain, and can also be more proportionate to a large and open shower area. When you're ready to choose a shower screen for your bathroom, no matter its size and style, note a few simple details you'll want to remember, so you know you get a screen that you'll love for many years to come.


The more hardware that a shower screen has, the harder it will be to clean, as you may need to scrub around those hinges, handles and other such pieces. If you want a screen that needs the least amount of work to keep clean, opt for something frameless, and choose a stationary screen that doesn't have a door that would need hinges for pivoting or a handle. This will mean the least amount of pieces that you'll need to scrub every time you want to clean the screen.

Glass toughness

It's typically a legal requirement that shower screens be made from a toughened glass that will resist impact, and that won't shatter into hundreds of sharp, dangerous shards if the glass should get broken. However, if you have balance issues and know that you may need to use the shower screen for balance when getting in and out of the shower area, choose the thickest glass you can afford. A thicker glass will offer more strength and will be less likely to wobble or pull away from its connectors when you lean on it or when you hold the glass for balance.


If you want some privacy in the shower, you might choose a tint or frost to the glass; however, coloured glass might not work so well if you change the colour of the bathroom tiles and linens, and the tint then no longer matches. Frosted glass might also look a bit old and outdated after not too long. Instead, you might choose etched glass; this type of etching creates the look of running water, or a certain picture or design, such as bamboo stalks or herons. The etching will obscure the view through the glass and may create a look that is more unique that frosting, and that works well with any changes you might make to the bathroom's overall decor.