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A Few Simple Tips for Choosing the Right Curtains for Your Home

The curtains you choose for your home are very important, as high-quality curtains can coordinate all the furniture pieces and surfaces in a space, whereas a low-quality material or poorly chosen design can clash with those pieces, and seem very unsightly. Note a few simple tips for choosing the right curtains for your home so you know they look perfectly planned and will work well with your home's decor.

Style of room

Do you have a distinct style to a room in your home? If so, consider how a curtain material and its pattern would coordinate. For example, if you have a calm design, you may want silk curtains, not thick wool curtains with a bold stripe, as this material and pattern is generally less tranquil looking. If you have a beach theme in a room, you want lightweight linen or nylon curtains, as these would be used in a beach cottage, in a colour you would see on the beach, such as a sandy tan or watery blue. If a room has a distinct style, choose curtains that coordinate with that style rather than something generic.

Size of the room and wall

If you're choosing curtains for a very long wall, you may not want horizontal stripes, as this can make the wall look even larger and more imposing. Vertical stripes can also seem cluttered along a wide wall, as can a very distinct print. Choose circles or polka dots, or solid curtains, for a very long wall or very large room.

You also want to think about the volume of curtains, or the thickness and heaviness of the curtain fabric, and how this would fit in the room. In a small room, heavy velvet drapes may seem too weighty for the space, even if the curtains themselves are cut to be smaller and more compact. On the other hand, lightweight sheers may not have enough volume to fill up an empty space along a large wall. Choose heavier curtains for larger rooms and walls and lighter curtains for smaller spaces, no matter the overall cut and size of the curtains themselves.

Hiding dirt

If you have children or pets, you may want a fabric and pattern that can easily hide dirt, smudges and fingerprints. Silk panels in a solid colour will probably show every smudge and discoloration, whereas cotton curtains with a busier pattern may be more forgiving, hiding fingerprints, food smears and other such marks. They may also be easier to clean than a delicate silk or velvet material.