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Interesting Privacy Screen Ideas You Should Adopt

Privacy is quite an important thing, especially when you own a home. You probably do not wish to be in constant vision of all the things your neighbours are doing at home. They also probably share the same sentiments. However, privacy does not need to be boring, instead of constructing that retaining wall, how about considering something more interesting while at the same time applicable. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Translucent Panels – At times you may be looking to block the view from outside while at the same time allow some light to pass through. Lighting is essential in accentuating the beauty of a home and lacking it will just make the rooms dull and gloomy. Well, to achieve both light and privacy, why not consider the translucent panels. The use of frosted glass screens can be quite useful in giving you both the confidentiality and beauty you require at home. Another material in this category includes the sand-blasted glass which brings about a luminous private screen effect. Such can be used for outdoor dining.
  2. Louvres – Apart from increasing the privacy of your home, louvres are also designed to reduce the heat from the sun. You do not have to get into a shade on one of those hot days where you just need a little heat on your skin but not too much. The louvres have the possibility of being fixed in only one position or adjustable positions; these referred to as fixed and adjustable blades respectively. Another important feature about the louvres is that they have a frame which can either be sliding or fixed thus offering you maximum functionality. The louvres come in different shades where you can pick one that fully matches your colour scheme.  
  3. Hedges – Privacy does not only need to be in the form of an entirely solid material. One can also use the green colour of hedges to achieve this. Hedges are quite beautiful as they blend in with the environment perfectly. There are two options when using a hedge as a privacy screen; these include solid hedges for total privacy and lighter hedges for less privacy. The plants which can offer maximum privacy include evergreens which have a dense growth habit. One example is the cherry laurel. When growing the plants, ensure that the spacing is small to attain that level of thickness. When looking to install lighter privacy screens, however, then consider evergreens such as the fern pine as this will allow some light to pass through. Space them, as usual, to give room for the required light privacy screen.

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