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When Safety Meets Style: Turning the Humble Staircase into High Design

There is something about a dramatic spiral staircase and floating staircase that always catches the eye. Maybe it's their dreamy entry that oozes elegance. But what do you do if you don't have the luxury of such a staircase system in your home?

Your staircase doesn't necessarily have to have these powerful designs to demand a strong visual appeal. In fact, combining the right stairs and balustrades can turn your normal staircase into a stunning work of art. Yes, other than providing safety, marrying stairs and balustrades has an enormous impact not only on the aesthetics of your home but also on its overall value.

For example, adding a glass balustrade system to your stairs can add a new dynamic of beauty and style to your house while still providing the same essential physical barrier provided by your simple handrail system.

Here are different kinds of designs for balustrades that will help you spruce up and change the entire character of your stairs.

Say yes to a bespoke glass staircase

A glass balustrade lends itself perfectly to a home's décor especially if you own a modern home.  A glass balustrade on your stairs by definition is extremely minimal and never fails to blend in with the surroundings with seamless elegance. Other than reflecting light and making the most of the available space, glass balustrades do not block any views, which makes the interior of your home look and feel considerably larger.

Glass is also a perfect complement to other materials, which means you can include wood, metal or stone in your balustrade to achieve the perfect look.

How about a stainless-steel and aluminium balustrade system?

Including cutting-edge metals in balustrades adds a certain glamour to an otherwise bland staircase and transforms it into something special. Stainless steel and aluminium are the ultimate in strength, durability and ease of maintenance.

A balustrade made from these metals is perfect for areas in which practicality, safety and absolute good looks need to be balanced across the board. What's more is that you can combine your metals with glass to achieve a sleek aesthetic appearance and a feel that is contemporary in nature.

Consider elegant wood balustrades

Wood balustrades are timeless in their elegance, and of course, there are limitless options available with a wooden balustrade system. Just imagine the eye-catching, luxurious look of pairing special glass and dark wood. It is the ultimate glamour look!