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Should You Choose an Electric or Gas-Powered Lawnmower?

A new lawnmower can sometimes be a costly investment, which is why you want to choose one that will work well for your property in particular and that will last for many years to come. You also want one that is easy for you to manage personally, so that mowing the lawn is as easy as possible. To ensure you make the best investment for your home and property, note a few tips that will help you decide between a gas-driven and electric lawnmower, and then you can shop for the added features that each type of model offers.

Handling gas and oil

If you choose a gas-powered mower, are you comfortable handling gas and oil for it? You would need to take a gas can to a nearby station to fill it; if you're afraid of spilling gas in the trunk of your car, this might not be the best choice for you!

If you have children or pets, are you comfortable keeping gas in the garage where they might get into it or cause spills? Is the garage well-ventilated so that fumes from the gas tank don't build up inside and cause breathing difficulties? If you're not sure if you can safely manage that needed gas at home, choose an electric mower.

Size of lawn

Many electric lawnmowers run on rechargeable batteries, and those batteries will have a certain lifespan. If your yard is excessively large, you may need to swap out the battery in the middle of mowing, which can be a hassle, especially if the battery dies when you're at a far end of the lawn. Your new battery may also die before the old one recharges so that you can't even finish mowing! Check the lifespan of the batteries for electric mowers, and if they seem too limited for the size of your space, opt for a gas-powered mower.

Type of turf

If your property has very soft grass that is easy to cut, an electric lawnmower may be sufficiently strong for you. A gas-powered mower will offer more power for the blades, making it a better choice for lawns with lots of weeds, straw and the like. Trying to run an electric mower over such thick and coarse grass can actually just wear down the motor and damage the blades, and require more physical exertion from you. For more rural areas or lawns that are full of weeds and other problematic vegetation, choose a heavy-duty gas-powered mower.

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