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How much curtain length is suitable for you?

When it comes to custom curtains, homeowners have a variety of options to choose from. Between texture, pattern, style, and colour, there are several aspects to consider when customising your draperies. However, an important aspect that is often overlooked by some homeowners is the length of the curtains. Not all curtain lengths are suitable for all your spaces. So how do you pick the right curtain lengths for your spaces? Read on.


Custom curtains that run from the ceiling to the floor provide a formal, personalised look to any space. Often, the curtain's fabric touches the floor or hangs around half an inch above the floor. The ceilings will appear taller and the space very polished. They are suitable if you will be opening and closing the windows regularly because they always fall back into position. They are suitable for your living room.


Sill-length curtains graze the window sill or hover slightly past it. They have a casual, relaxed look that at times suits an area compared to blinds. This curtain length is suitable where there is a window sill, for example over a kitchen sink. Additionally, parents can choose customised sill-length curtains for their kids' rooms, in large part to avoid a situation where the kids hang on the curtains, or simply lay hands on them.  Other logical reasons to go for short curtains is when there's a radiator beneath the window, or you simply like the look.


A puddled curtain extends further than the total height of a given window, creating a puddle or pool on the floor. Puddling adds style and formality to any drapes.  They are ideal for a cosy living room or a romantic master bedroom, and they have numerous practical benefits.

Natural fibre fabrics are vulnerable to movement and respond to environmental conditions. After a while, they might also drop or even shrink.  Puddled curtains are ideal for offsetting this fabric movement as well as maintaining a perfect look.

There are instances where floors may be uneven. Puddled curtains can disguise such problems as opposed to regular curtains. Last but not least, puddled curtains are suitable for their insulating properties. Basically, puddling closes the space between the curtain and the window, minimising heat loss through your windows, and stopping cool air from escaping underneath the curtain. Keep in mind that these long curtains call for more maintenance and cleaning.

In conclusion, how long your custom curtains are depends on your tastes. Nevertheless, choose wisely by considering the suitability of various curtain lengths to your rooms.