Creating the Perfect Home and Garden

Trade Market Essentials for Small Landscaping Projects

When you have a small garden, you may find yourself wondering whether it's worth landscaping. While having a smaller space certainly places restrictions, it doesn't mean creating an idyllic oasis is out of the question altogether. With a little help from your local trade market, you can bring your property's exterior to life.

Craft a pergola for lounging on in the evenings

One of the simplest ways to create a low-maintenance outdoor space is to create a pergola. Trade markets are a great resource for hardwood and arbors, which you can use to create a raised deck that leads down to a small area of plants. Give your yard a tropical feel with a combination of native and imported plants, then adorn it with garden furniture to make an oasis you'll love sitting in when the sun's setting.

Paving and pathways

When you have a small garden, it's easy to feel cooped in when you're sat outside. One way around this is to create two small seating areas, which you can separate by installing a small path that leads between the two. Use paving stones from your nearest wholesaler to delineate the two areas and fill them with water features, barbecue equipment, and decking chairs for lounging in.

Small and bright flowers

If you want to create the illusion of a bigger space, make sure you place small and bold colours in front of large bushes and trees to give the impression that there's a space receding behind them. Bottle brushes and Waratahs make for effortless arrangements. They also require little input in terms of maintaining growth, especially if you're installing them in the New South Wales area. Both flowers are popular with artists too, so you can create a space that's small yet picturesque.

Focus your seating around a fire pit

Whether it's a fire pit or a series of plants you're particularly proud of, creating a focal point and then arranging your seating around it can make your garden feel more spacious. When creating this focal area, try to consider what's practical. If you're a sociable person, using a fire pit or a barbecue means your investment is as practical as it's attractive.

If you're still struggling for inspiration, head down to your local plant nursery and take a look around or ask for assistance. With a little forward planning and some design inspiration, you can create a small landscaped area you're proud of.